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The Top 3 Health Science Activities to Try This March

March is such a great month. It consists of the arrival of Spring, St. Patrick's Day, and Women's History Month. I want to share some fun activities you can use to celebrate with your classes. These can be used in Health Science, Pharmacy Technology, Medical Assisting, or any related course.

  1. Seasonal decoders - If you didn't know, decoders are kinda my thing right now. I first fell in love while creating the Valentine's Day decoder. I love the pretty templates and the game-based aspect. They're simple to create. You can use key terms or answers to questions. You enter the number of boxes based on the answer and create a "decoder sheet". I've attached an example below. The decoder sheet tells students the symbol that represents each letter. This is so important for self-checking and to give hints throughout the assignment. If you need one that's already made, check out my St. Patrick's Day-themed Medical Terminology Charm Decoder.

2. Lucky scavenger hunt - This is a great activity to get students up and moving. You can make printable cards or a class powerpoint with directions (add some seasonal clipart and you're set). You can instruct students to identify helpful resources and/or medical equipment throughout the room. After students complete the hunt, they receive a piece of gold, candy, or a prize from the lucky bucket. Gold coins can be traded in for homework passes, small gifts, etc. I've seen all of these items at the dollar store (;

3. Women's History Month bell ringers - Last but not least, this is the perfect time to highlight key women who contributed to healthcare and science. The bellringers can be as easy as reviewing a short biography and asking the class two or three questions afterward. This can be overwhelming because there are so many great women to choose from. That's why I created the fact pack that covers women's achievements from the 1800's to the present!

If you try any of these awesome ideas, please comment and let me know how it went!

- Arial

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