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2 Reasons to Give Your Health Science Students a Graduation Ceremony

Updated: Apr 26

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The end of the school year is here and it’s time to celebrate! Ceremonies can be hosted for graduating students, those that passed certification exams, or students that passed their course. A lot of Health Science educators host white coat or pinning ceremonies. Here’s why:

  1. Sense of accomplishment - these ceremonies help students take pride in their accomplishments. It’s marks the beginning of their medical journey.

2. Community building - these events allow family members, faculty, and friends to come together to support students. It’s a great way to show collaborative recognition.

Now that we’ve discussed why it’s important to hold these events, let’s talk about execution!

The first step is to see if other faculty members are on board and to secure a location. The best place would be an auditorium, but a large classroom or meeting area would suffice. Next, decide how students will be rewarded. This can include white coats, pins, certificates, or combinations of the previous.

Here’s a free Canva link to a certificate template:

If you need some help, I’ve linked some coat styles and pins above.

Let me know if you’ve held an event like this in the comments (pictures welcome!)

- Arial

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