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Let's go back to school in style! This one-of-a kind bundles features:


  • Meet the Teacher Interactive Slides (Google Slides TM)
  • Editable Teacher Syllabus (Google Slides TM)
  • Attendance Reminder Sheet (printable)
  • Lab Posters (printable, 6 included)
  • Lab Safety (Do's and Dont's) Quiz (printable)
  • Lab Essentials (identifying lab equipment) Worksheet (printable)
  • Mass and Volume Worksheets (Google Slides TM)
  • FREE Microscope Quiz (printable)
  • Microscope activity ( labeling, how to use, and questions ) (Google Slides TM)




Exclusively designed for science teachers and consists of all the first days' essentials!


***This Bundle includes other resources from the store; make sure you don't have the additional resources before purchasing


Descriptions below

Lab Safety (Do's and Dont's) Quiz (printable)

Give your students a back-to-school review or introduce them to the new apparatuses they'll use in your classroom!



  • 9 commonly used lab supplies (bunsen burner, hot plate, beaker, and more!)
  • Graphics
  • Fill in the blank
  • Digital and printable copies
  • Answer key


Lab Essentials (identifying lab equipment) Worksheet (printable)

Make understanding lab rules easy with this True or False worksheet.. with a bit of humor!

Perfect for setting expectations for the school year


  • True or False statements that teach students how to conduct themselves during experiments
  • Answer Key
  • A template for writing down lab rules


Mass and Volume Worksheets (Google Slides TM)

This neat comprehensive activity will allow students to understand mass and volume and know how to use common measuring devices (scale, electronic balance, and graduated cylinder). Great for helping class understand measuring before a lab!



  • Brief intro to mass and volume
  • Measurement practice questions
  • Step by step instructions for measuring devices
  • Answer keys


Microscope activity ( labeling, how to use, and questions ) (Google Slides TM)

This digital prep free activity will help your students identify parts of the compound light microscope and understand proper usage through:


  • A drag & drop activity (step by step instructions for using microscope)
  • A true or false activity
  • Short answer questions
  • Background information
  • Fill in the blank diagram to label
  • BONUS microscope quiz for formative assessment
  • 7 usable pages


Answer keys are provided for EVERYTHING! (diagram, activities, quiz, and questions)


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Due to the digital nature of this resource, there will be no refunds.

The Ultimate BTS Bundle for Science Teachers (earth tones)

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