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Data entry, anyone?!


This is a great review workbook for retail pharmacy. It evokes critical thinking and encourages reading for information. It reviews a variety of dosage formsmedical terminologysigscommon drug classes/usesdays' supply calculation, the parts of a prescriptionDAW codes, and a couple of drug interactions.


This can work for students or teachers of pharmacy technology, nursing, health science, and other allied health programs. Make sure the content matches your syllabus/standards. All drugs and interactions aren't included.



  • 14 prescriptions (some that have to be filled with accompanying questions and some completed with accompanying questions)
  • 2 pages of review
  • Note Section
  • Answer keys with rationale
  • Reusable templates


This digital workbook (Google Slides) will be most beneficial as review (test, study packet, etc.) or supplemental material. The review section does cover a lot, but a little prior knowledge is needed. Students can edit font, size, and textboxes.

#pharmacytech #medicalassistant #healthscience #nursing


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Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds. The emailed link will last for 30 days.

The Interactive Prescription Pad

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