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This digital Google Slides prep-free activity will help your students understand standard precautions, PPE, and donning/doffing. It includes:


  • A drag & drop activity (step-by-step instructions for donning/doffing)
  • A true or false activity
  • Short answer questions
  • Definitions of sanitization, disinfection, antisepsis, sterilization, pathogens, and more
  • Background information
  • BONUS printable quiz for formative assessment
  • 7 usable pages


Answer keys are provided for EVERYTHING! (activities, quiz, and questions)


This product is great for group work and independent study.



NCHSE 7.1.2 Differentiate methods of controlling the spread and growth of pathogens (a. Asepsis, b. Standard precautions)


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Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds.

Standard Precautions and PPE Activity

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