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How early experiences can benefit your Health Science students

Not only are you responsible for your students' current education, but you may feel encouraged to make lasting impacts... preparing them for the future! If your students are in your class, more than likely they're interested in the #medicalfield. I'm going to tell you the benefits of student exposure early on


Do you have any future dentists or doctors in your room? Experience can make these students great college candidates for professional programs. Experience also initiates/confirms students interest in healthcare roles, answers their questions, produces great skills, and gives them a glimpse into what that role would entail.

How do they get this experience?

  • Entry level jobs (CNA, pharmacy tech, dental assistant, etc.)

These can be found via job boards, like Indeed, newspapers, or local postings.

  • Internships

Internships can be found via job boards, possibly guidance counselors, or by reaching out to the practices themselves.

  • Shadowing (getting permission to follow a professional around to observe daily duties and ask questions)

They can find shadowing opportunities by reaching out to the practice and possibly guidance counselors.

  • Volunteering

Volunteering can be done via clubs or reaching out to businesses to see if they can use the assistance (vet offices, animal shelters, dental offices, health departments, hospitals, etc.)

  • Clubs

Clubs, like HOSA, may introduce medical activities/procedures, medical terminology, guest speakers who are professionals, and more!

  • Interviewing professionals

Students may have neighbors, family members, or community members that work in healthcare. They can contact them in person or a welcoming email to see if they're open to being interviewed.

- Arial (BS, CPhT)

If you're personally looking for medical activities for your students, check out my resources!

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