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3 Pathways to becoming a Science Teacher

My name is Arial and welcome to my blog! I'm a former educator, CPhT, lab contractor, and curriculum designer. This blog is being created to share teachers tips, fun scientific activities, and resources for Life Science and Health Science.

If you're in love with science and love interacting with children, being a #scienceteacher may be for you! Let's talk about some possible pathways

  1. Traditional pathway - If you know early on in your journey that teaching is right for you, this will most likely be your route. It includes obtaining an undergraduate degree in Science Education. In school, you'll learn about pedagogy, do laboratory classes, and complete student teaching. The next step will be to select the grade level you want to teach and complete the necessary licensure exam.

  2. Non traditional pathways - This is the path I took. You may have decided to major in another subject or decided later on that education is for you. Nevertheless, you can achieve your goal.

A. Alternative programs - Research alternative teaching programs in your state ,choose the grade level you want to teach, and apply to the school of your choice. On your resume and cover letter, make it clear that you are applying with intent to fulfill training through the program. Once hired, you'll be teaching right away with an initial license! This can be exciting, but challenging. You have the scientific knowledge, but may not know much about pedagogy. You'll be enrolled in a university education program and have coaches/mentors. After finishing the program, you'll complete the licensure exam as well.

B. Master's degree - Now girl, this will definitely be the longer route. Considering that some states aren't awarding additional pay for advanced degrees, I would look into that! If this pathway IS right for you, it'll be very similar to the traditional pathway. Obviously Master's degrees include a rigorous course load and possibly a thesis (completing an academic argument, through papers and presentation, for a specific topic in your major).

- Arial (BS, CPhT)

Be sure to tell me what pathway you are considering or completed in the comments!

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